Specialty Fiber Coupled LEDs – Broad Band White and Battery Operated LEDs

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Prizmatix is known for its high power LEDs for fiberoptic applications. Frequently people have special requirements and they ask us for help. Here are two products we designed for customers who requested something a little different.

1.  Violet Pumped White LED for Spectroscopy 

Most white LEDs use a blue source and phosphor to make the white light. The result is a white spectrum that starts at about 440nm and has no UV or Violet light included. This is a problem for many applications, especially for broad-band spectroscopy which needs the whole visible range. Other inspection and testing applications need the whole spectrum as well. A customer asked us to design a fiber coupled system based on a unique violet pumped LED. Our FC-BBW-LED was the result. 

The FC-BBW-LED is available in a variety of color temperatures. Here is one possible spectrum.

2. Battery Operated Ruggedized LED

Designed for a military customer for field use, this LED is ideal for NDT inspection applications. It is available in UV and a variety of visible wavelengths. The Portable FC-LED model is now offered by Olympus NDT as an accessory to the Olympus Video Scope and carries the CE mark.

If you have a special requirement, feel free to contact sales.usa@prizmatix.com. Maybe our next customer inspired product will be yours!

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