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Individual LED Components- Optogenetics

In this section we give you the option customizing and designing your own Optogenetics LED system by purchasing each component individually. See also Adds-Ons and accessories.

We welcome you to contact us to discuss your application so we can help you figure out the best and most cost efficient solution.


  • Microscope Adaptor
    $85.00 Choose Options Microscope Adaptor
    Adaptor to connect any Prizmatix Microscope LED light sources or Beam Combiner to the epi-fluorescence port of a microscope. Available for: Nikon Zeiss Olympus and Leica   Compatible...
  • UHPTLCC LED Current Controller
    $760.00 Prizmatix Benchtop UHP-T Current-Controller
    The Prizmatix UHPTLCC Current Controller is used to power Prizmatix UHP-T LEDs. This Product is included in the UHP-T and UHP-T-EP LED Systems but can also be purchased individually here. Includes power...
  • UHP-T-EP LED Head
    $2,200.00 Choose Options Prizmatix UHP-T LED Head for Electrophysiology Microscope
    The UHP-T-EP LED head is included in each Prizmatix UHP-T LED for Electrophysiology Microscope system, but can also be purchased separately here. This UHP-T LED is specifically designed to be...
  • UHP-T White LED Head
    $2,900.00 Choose Options Prizmatix UHP-T White LED Head
    The UHP-T White LED head is included in the UHP-T-LED-White system, but can also be purchased individually here. Prizmatix UHP-T-LEDs are extremely powerful providing almost 60% increase of power in comparison with...