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Microscopy LED Light Sources

Prizmatix offers extremely versatile modular LED microscope light sources with a wide range of wavelengths and power outputs.
There are 4 families of microscope products compatible with the Prizmatix Optiblock® Modular system:

Product Name

Max Power Consumption

Max Collimated PowerDivergence Full Angle mRadFeatures and Comments
Mic-LED  5 Watt 300mW  50mRad Excellent for standard fluorescence, fiber coupling & other applications. Available in a wide range of wavelengths including UV & NIR. Passive cooling, no vibration.
UHP-MIC-LED 38 Watt 3 Watt

UV & RGB: 
100-120 mRad


160-275 mRad

Highest intensity.
Optimal for fiber coupled or microscope use in For demanding fluorescence applications, activation and, Optogenetics.
UHP-T model is recommended for electrophysiology use inside of faraday cages and for high speed imaging.
Available in UV, blue, green, red and white.
NIR available upon request.
UHP-T-LED 50 Watt 5 Watt

140-160 mRad


160-275 mRad
When highest total power is critical. Excellent for high-speed imaging. Ideal for electrophysiology and use inside Faraday Cage. Optional upgrades: 1) Low noise driver for high speed imaging. 2) Detached Fan to eliminate fan vibration. Available in UV, blue, green, red and white Choose “Optimized for highest intensity” for smaller LED emitter size for fiber coupling and microscope use.
UHP-T2-LED 50 Watt 5 Watt

White: 80mRad

Available in UV and RGB by request.

Greatest Power and Intensity. Excellent as Mercury and Xenon Lamp replacement. Available in High CRI for broad spectrum.

Watch our video demo to see how Prizmatix LEDs can be configured as multi-wavelength and multi-function light sources. Contact our sales consultant for assistance in choosing the LED that is right for you.